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In Beyond Championships Dru Joyce, the high school coach and mentor of basketball superstar LeBron James, takes readers from the basketball court to the arena of life in a book that is much more than a sports book. Beyond Championships, told in Coach Dru’s straightforward voice, is a blueprint for anyone looking to make better choices and reach their full potential.

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Dru Joyce loved the game of basketball, but even more, he loved kids. Dru believed his principles for living could help LeBron and his teammates focus on the highest of priorities no matter what was on the scoreboard when the final horn sounded.

The book is filled with stories, chronicling the rise to the top of Dru’s teams. It also majors on the life principles of Dru that made his team not only winners on th e court but winners in life. While these principles act as the foundation on which Coach Dru has built so many successful basketball teams, their universality ensures that they can be applied to any situation.

Certainly the book will speak both to athletes aspiring to emulate LeBron’s success and parents looking for ways to guide their children through adolescence. But it will also help adults who feel either uninspired or unable to change the direction of their lives. In less than ten years Coach Dru achieved one of his goals, to become a leader in the high school basketball coaching profession. His roadmap can help you.

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Teen Edition

In Beyond Championships Teen Edition, Coach Dru Joyce lays out the steps teens can follow to become winners on and off the court. Much more than a sports book, Beyond Championships Teen Edition is a blueprint for anyone looking to make better choices and reach their full potential. The book speaks to athletes aspiring to emulate LeBron’s success, as well as anyone who feels either uninspired or unable to change the direction of their lives.

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Coach Dru Joyce II with Chris Morrow

As LeBron James’ high school basketball coach, Dru Joyce II was the mentor who the NBA superstar credits with helping him reach his potential as both a basketball player and a man. Yet while LeBron is unquestionably his highest profile protégé, Coach Dru (as he’s known to his players) has used his position as a basketball coach at St. Vincent-St. Mary’s high school in Akron, Ohio, to help transform the lives of countless other young men as well. Dru is known as one of the superstars of high school basketball coaches, rising quickly through the ranks to coach a national championship team, even when he knew little about the sport as he began. Dru and his wife Carolyn are parents of four and live in
Akron, OH.

Chris Morrow is the co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Do You! and Super Rich with Russell Simmons, as well as Reverend Run’s Take Back Your Family. He also helped pen the forthcoming Manology alongside Rev Run and Tyrese Gibson. Having played college basketball in the early 90s for Vassar College, Chris still plays the game today in gyms around Brooklyn, where he lives with his wife and two young daughters.


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